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The New Relic Modern Software Podcast is designed to share insights and perspectives on the most important things happening in the world of software analytics, cloud computing, application monitoring, development methodologies, programming languages, and related topics. New Relic execs, customers, and industry experts participate in lively discussions on how to create, deliver, and manage great software experiences. New Relic, because you need to know what's happening in your software and systems... right now! (Music by Audionautix.)

Apr 19, 2016

The Modern Software Podcast crew discusses the tech story behind the Panama Papers, the continued cloud momentum, and the rise of the bots at Facebook's F8 conference. Plus learn how one EdTech company leverages technology to enable personalized learning in school districts around the country.

Apr 6, 2016

There’s more than one way to get to the hybrid cloud. And most companies follow several paths to get to what is increasingly becoming the “new normal” for IT infrastructure. That’s the essential message behind this informative conversation with Lee Atchison, New Relic’s Principal Cloud Architect and Advocate....