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The New Relic Modern Software Podcast is designed to share insights and perspectives on the most important things happening in the world of software analytics, cloud computing, application monitoring, development methodologies, programming languages, and related topics. New Relic execs, customers, and industry experts participate in lively discussions on how to create, deliver, and manage great software experiences. New Relic, because you need to know what's happening in your software and systems... right now! (Music by Audionautix.)

Oct 28, 2019

In this episode, Fredric Paul, Editor in Chief of New Relic and his co-hosts—New Relic Senior Program Manager Tori Wieldt, and Manesh Tailor, Director of Solutions in New Relic's technical solution sales organization—welcome Barry Sacks, CTO of Phlexglobal.

Their conversation offers an insider's view of...